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We build AI solutions
to redefine work and fuel
human innovation.

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Explore our AI-driven solutions tailored to empower, innovate, and transform. Each is meticulously crafted with precision to enhance how work is done, enabling teams to achieve more with less and innovate at every turn.

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First of its kind prompt compression solution to substantially reduce token costs (up to 40%) & latency. Squizy can be integrated with just one line of code - making your AI use cases cheaper, faster & better.

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Tailored for publishers, Reedy uses AI to enhance book visibility and sales by refining existing descriptions and keywords or generating new ones from scratch, all perfectly matched to your specific tone of voice.

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Noa is an advanced AI-powered platform designed to seamlessly integrate with your business by speaking your language, comprehending your unique business context, and ensuring the security of your most confidential data, making it far more than just a chatbot.

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LABS is dedicated to transforming CHAPTR into a innovation leader by actively exploring and applying emerging digital technologies to unlock their potential and propel the company's mission forward.

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WHat CHAPTR stands for

In today's fast-paced world, staying ahead means redefining the rules. Our AI products are crafted to address the needs of a modern workforce. Instead of reacting, we anticipate change. From enhancing efficiency to fostering creativity, see how our technology is powering the future of work.

About us
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User-Centric Innovation

Empowering thousands of users with our intuitive AI solutions tailored to elevate creativity, productivity & work in general.

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Supported by the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, our commitment to relentless innovation is fueled by a legacy of trust and a vision for continuous advancement in AI technology.

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Secure and Customizable

Our secure AI solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of your business while adhering to the highest data protection standards.


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Stay ahead of the curve with the latest company news and industry updates. Keep informed about our developments and how they contribute to industry advancements.



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