We believe people should have access to the tools they need to redefine their work and fuel innovation. Tools that remove every barrier that stands between them, their future, and solutions to problems. When people are free to control their own journey, extraordinary things happen.

The Founders

Image of Phillip Nastaly
Philipp Nastaly
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Darryll Colthrust
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ANdy Ländle
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Who we are

Founded in 2022, CHAPTR is a tech innovation company backed by the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group aspiring to redefine the future of work. Co-founded and led by Philipp Nastaly (CEO), Darryll Colthrust (CTO), and Andy Ländle (CPO), our team consists of 30+ world-class experts committed to pioneering advancements in technology. Operating as a fully remote organization, CHAPTR’s mission is to build AI solutions to redefine work & innovation across various industries.

30+ AI Specialists

Expert minds
driving innovation.

14+ Nationalities

A global team, rich in
diverse perspectives.

Fully Remote

Pioneers in flexible,
worldwide collaboration.


Join our team

At CHAPTR, a fully remote company, we operate at the forefront of AI innovation, dedicated to redefining the way people work. Join our diverse and talented team to help drive human-centered technology solutions across the globe. Together, we’ll shape a future where work is more efficient, creative, and impactful.

Our values are informed and influenced by every member of CHAPTR. We want to learn and understand faster than the changes around us. So in short, change is our constant. And this dedication allows us to keep moving forward in an agile way, prepared to navigate and shape the ever-shifting tech landscape.


Our values

Everything we do is grounded in three closely held values:

We care.

Our customers are our guiding force. Driven by a genuine passion to solve their challenges, we turn their “if only” into real solutions. Our focus isn’t on short-term gains but on creating long-term success stories with our customers.

We Blend.

We don’t just participate in the tech future. We’re crafting it with intention and responsibility. Our ethos is rooted in harmonizing human and artificial intelligence, creating a powerful synergy. Together, we embrace and amplify diverse skills and perspectives - irrespective of their origin.

We Lead.

Our direction is fueled by technology. We operate at the forefront of innovation, continuously pushing technological boundaries to shape the future of work & innovation itself. We refuse to settle, instead choosing to rise by lifting ourselves & others.


Your Future, Your Growth

As our company expands, we're committed to the professional and personal development of every team member. We actively support and recognize internal talent, ensuring everyone grows and thrives together.


Championing Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to equality, ensuring fair opportunities for all, regardless of nationality, skin color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, seniority, marital status, or disability.

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